Shared memories

I had the opportunity to do what I like most, with other people who have the same hobbies as me.
My favorite memory is when i was in Slovakia and when we were going on walks.
My favorite part about this Erasmus plus project was when we went to Croatia, and went to Jankovac see the beautiful waterfalls.
I will alweys remember the dancing and cooking it was very fun. I liked everything, everything was amezing and i will alweys remember this jurney.
It was a really nice and pleasant experience I loved when I met the people from other countries
I had a really good time spending two weeks with you,when you were in Kicevo and when I was in Bistrita. I hope that this project didn't end this fast and i hope we'll see eachother again. I had a really good time going aroud Bistrita and seeing new things. Also the kids were super great and i really like them.
Socializing, cooperation, learning, wonderful moments and making new friends
I had a great time in Slovakia, it was an unforgettable adventure, I made many friends with children from other countries, I realized that even if we are from other countries or from other religions, cultures, we are all the same, I don't have a favorite incident because every minute there was wonderful for me....
I met my 2 best friends
It was very fun
i loved everything about this project, mostly the point of it to have a healthy life and healthy habits. i would love to work on a project like this again!
With this project I visited Italy-Cittanova and made so much friends learned about their culture and with the activities we did there learned more about healthy lifestyle.
The organisation was great the host were very friendly, the activities were fun for everybody i like the activity when we were riding a bike
It was amazing, I met new friends, it was so fun and we were hanging out together every day.
I was in Romania,it was beautiful, I loved it there and it was a great experience!
CHL provided great learning experiences for the students, but also for the teachers. It helped us to learn about our selves and gave us the opportunity to do things we like, together.
I loved everything about this project and I am glad I had the chance to be a part of it.
Participating in this project was one of the best experiences. I made a lot of new friends and the best memories with them.
The best memory that I have from Erasmus CHL is that when everyone from Erasmus went out in the town in one night in Bistrița.
It was a great afternoon, full of joy and positivity, we shared great and healthy food, a perfect way to end our project!
A fost un proiect minunat, incitant. Mi -a facut plăcere sa fac parte din aceasta echipa.
The week I spend in Croatia
Best ti e ever, I ve meet new friends and make wonderful memories
Nice people, great places, unforgettable experiences, special friends and a better me.
I met new friends, improved my eating habits, played more sports, socialized with students, exchanged experiences with colleagues, got to know new cultures.....laughter, positive energy
I fel so good and active
A well thought project.
This project exceeded my expectations. Apart from the fact that it really changed my everyday life so that I started moving more, eating better, I even tried to run my first trail races. In addition to all that, I spent quality time in sports activities with students and colleagues. If we add to all this new friendships and interesting trips, which everyone needs for a healthy vision of life, it is a project to remember.
This project has not only encouraged me to be healthier, but also allowed me to meet new people, go on hikes with them which has even helped me wish to participate more actively in my community. It has been a lot of fun and I found the challenges to be quite motivating, making me find myself forcing my mom to join me on evening walks if I didn't have 5000 steps that day. It has helped me a lot and I'm very grateful for the chance to be part of it, I'm glad that I got to meet so many great people and I'm extremely proud of everyone who participated.
This project was wonderful experience thanks to my friends Alina, Marija, Esra, Katarina, Arianna, Darija, Silviu, Alice, Hakan........ all teachers and students included in this project
I have a lot of wonderful memories from each country I visited, especially from hiking(Turkey, Romania). People I met awas so friendly so I felt very welcome.
We had great time and meet new friends
It was a wonderful and healthy project. We learned and changed our habits. We become more aware. We will stay in healthy mode.
CHL was a great experience! One of the best moments for me was the time when we cooked together healthy food in the learning experience in Turkey, it was like MasterChef!
The students from primary school loved the activities: treasure hunt, walking, running and learning about healthy food and healthy habits. It was fun!
I like this Erasmus proiect. Be active for a healthy life!
A very useful project for teachers and students, gaining new acquaintances, learning through play and fun, gaining more experiences, getting to know the tradition and culture of several countries.
A very useful project for teachers and students, gaining new acquaintances, learning through play and fun, gaining more experiences, getting to know the tradition and culture of several countries.
I loved how the project brought us together for a great cause: maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. I especially loved the MasterChef session organised by the great team in our school!🤗
I really liked everything, i had fun and met new friends :)
Dancing with all the students and teachers that took part in CHL is one of my favorite highschool memories. We did that during our trip to Macedonia and later here in Romania.I also really enjoyed the hikes where we would be too distracted by the beautiful landscapes to notice that we couldn’t feel our legs anymore. They are the reason I developed a passion for hiking.
Thanks to this project, I discovered my passion for exercise, for going outdoors to walk with friends and family. The project started during the pandemic, when I felt the most need to leave the house just to walk, so I chose uncrowded but particularly beautiful places. I will leave here a picture of one of the landscape I enjoyed the most during these walks within the CHL project. In addition, I managed to prove to myself how many steps I am able to take every day and try to move more.
I remember going on a hike with all of the participants of the project and all of a sudden it started to rain, even though the ground became muddy and we were tired it was an amazing experience.
The project has been a motivation for me to do more sports, be more active and have a better lifestyle overall
I was part of this project from the very beginning, and I’m grateful for this unforgettable experience. CHL helped me to lose weight, but also to enrich my cultural knowledge. In mobilities not only do you create a strong bond with your host family but also with people from other cultures that at a first glance you would have thought that you have nothing in common. The cooking activities were my favourites, socialising and cooking, my passions. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Hello to Aquino family and to all of my friends from this project!
I’ll always remember the wonderful time that we spent with wonderful people during this Erasmus Project
Great times in Romania