Food reporting

Why do we report eating habits?

Reporting eating habits allows us to be aware of good and bad habits and to improve them.

Reporting procedure

To report the eating habits on the website you have to:

  1. login with the username and password provided by your teacher;
  2. go to Food reports page on your profile;
  3. fill the yellow form;
    • date;
    • answer to questions;
  4. press the green Add report submit button;
  5. the report is displayed on the page.

Report questions

There are six questions in the report form:

  1. if you have hydrated enough
  2. if you had a healthy plate
  3. if you have eaten enough fruits and vegetables
  4. if you ate healthy fats
  5. if you ate sweets
  6. if you drank sweetened juices
  7. if you ate fast food, junk food
  8. if you smoked and drank alcohol – only for theachers
How do we compute the score

You start with 0 point. Answering “yes” to the first question adds two points to the score. Every “yes” for next three questions add one point to the score. Every “no” for last five questions add one point to the score.

This way, the score can be between 0 and 10.