How to connect with Strava

What is Strava

Strava is a mobile application used to manage sport activities. With Strava you can record moving activities (run, walk, etc.) with your phone, upload activities from other devices, add manual activities.

You can connect whith other people, view their activities, give kudos (likes), comment on activities and many more.

How to use Strava

You can use Strava in two modes:

  • through the Strava mobile application, available on Android and IOS – most of the time
  • through the Strava website

To use Strava application:

  • install Strava on your phone
  • login to Strava. You can use several ways to login:
    • with a Google account
    • with a Facebook account
    • with email and password
  • after login, you can record activities, search for other Strava users, follow them, have fun!

Attention! At the first login, a Strava account will be created. If you will login again in other mode or with other Google account, a new account will be created, with no activities.

Attention! Please use a login method for which you know the authentification credentials. For example: if you use Facebook login, you have to know the Facebook login and password!

To use Strava website ( you must login, too. Please use the same login method you used on Strava application!

Attention! If you use another login method, a new account will be created and you will not see the activities you recorded with your phone.

How to connect CHL with Strava

One of the most important CHL activity is monitoring our habits. We have to record the daily steps, eating habits and sport activities, through the CHL platform. To record our sport activities we use Strava.

To connect your CHL account with Strava you have to:

  • visit your CHL profile page and click on big orange Connect with Strava button. The browser will redirect to Strava website.
  • you have to login to Strava and authorize CHL application to use your Strava data.
  • the browser will redirect to CHL

Attention! Use the same login method you already use in the Strava application.

You have to connect CHL with Strava once. After connecting, your activities will be automatically imported to the CHL platform. If you disconnect from Strava, the new activities will not be imported anymore.


The most frequent problem is the Strava login. It happens because the login through Strava application (on the phone) is not using the browser you use to access the CHL platform and the Strava website (ex. Google Chrome).

How to deal with the problem:

  • if you allready created the Strava account through the Strava application, on your phone:
    • you have to know the login method you used (Google, Facebook, email and password);
    • you have to know your credentials (user/password) – Google user/password, Facebook user/password or the email/password;
      • if you don’t remember the credentials, visit the CHL platform from your computer (not your phone) to connect CHL with Strava. There are big chances that those credentials are saved in your favorite browser;
  • if you don’t have an Strava account
    • install Strava application on your phone and be sure you use a login method for which you know the credentials;
    • if you don’t remember you Google or Facebook credentials, create the new Strava account with email and password;
    • be sure you don’t forget the credentials!!