How to use this website

As a visitor you may view some statistics, this articles and monthly challenges.

As a participant you may login with the credentials provided by your teacher, then:

  • you have to connect to your Strava account;
  • you have to report your daily steps;
  • you have to record your food habits;
Why do I have to connect with Strava?

This allows us to download your existing Strava activities and allows Strava to inform us about your new activities. In this way your Strava activities are registered automatically.

You may disconnect your Strava account anytime, but is not recommended, because your new Strava activities will not be registered.

You have to connect to Strava only once, except if you disconnect your Strava account. In this case you must connect to Strava again.

Read more about connecting to Strava in this article.

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